Nashville Boudoir Mini Sessions

Last year I did the first round of naked minis and it was one of my favorite days. I photographed ten absolutely incredible women who amazed me with their bravery and self-compassion and self-love.

Being photographed naked was one of the most powerful moments of my life. I want to be able to offer that experience to other women in a way that’s accessible for the most number of people.

You might be thinking, “I could never be photographed naked. I don’t love my body yet. I’m not at my goal weight yet. I can’t do it.” And I get it.

But what if getting photographed naked is actually a therapeutic tool to help you love and celebrate your body in a way you never thought possible? It’s a low risk leap that could have a high reward.

The Details

Date: March 31, 2019

Price: $175, which includes:

  • 15 minute sessions¬†
  • 5 Digital Images (additional images can be purchased for $25)
  • Location fee included

The minis will take place in a private home south of Nashville. This will likely be my only Nashville mini sessions for the entire year, so don’t miss you!

Naked minis sold out very quickly last time, so I expect these slots to go quickly!

Available Time Slots:







Spots are first come, first serve! Send me an email at or text me at 615-686-8854 to reserve your spot!


Do I have to get completely naked?

This is totally up to you! I will never pressure you into doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Keep an open mind, though. Amazing things can happen when we push ourselves outside our comfort zones. You might surprise yourself during your session!

Will you photoshop me?

Body positive boudoir is all about celebrating your body just how it is! I believe it’s an incredibly powerful experience to get to see yourself how you really are in a photograph. That’s why I do not alter my subjects’ bodies in photoshop. I will edit out basic skin blemishes.

Will you post my pictures on your website or instagram?

That is totally up to you! Many of my clients choose to keep their photos private and that is completely ok. After you receive your images, I will ask you if there are any that you feel comfortable with me sharing. If the answer is no, I won’t share any of them!

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